5 Year Old Company in UK

The Package for 5-Year-Old Company:

  • A 5-Year-Old Company that has not traded since incorporation
  • Confirmation Statement
  • Transferring the Shelf Company to new ownership
  • Confirmation Statement to update shareholder(s) and SIC code(s) with the company Registrar
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Updated Share Certificate
  • Memorandum
  • Articles of Association
  • Transfer of Shares document
  • A Completed Register with all the officer details
  • Important company documents required for legally trading

Additional Services you can Get from Us:

You can get the following additional services from us as well upon booking for a 5-Year-Old Company. So, check out the list and add the services you need to the cart. The final charges will include the services you opt for.

  1. Nominees
  2. Registered Office Facilities
  3. Change of Company Name
  4. Official Certificates
  5. Apostilles
  6. Business Bank Account Set up
  7. Confirmation Statement(s)
  8. Delivery of Legal Documents
  9. Parcel Forwarding
  10. Virtual Assistant

Get a 5-Year-Old Company in the UK to Begin your Trading Journey

Are you planning to do business in the UK? Then, you must consider purchasing a 5-year-old company in UK. Commonly known as the vintage company among business personnel, a 5-year-old company is an on-demand thing at present.

Usually, some agencies open companies that are dormant. And then, they keep those companies for sale. As a buyer looks for a company with similar structure, they can choose to buy those pre-registered shelf companies.

It is a popular choice because it comes with several benefits. Also, when you choose to purchase a 5-year-old company instead of creating a fresh one, half the jobs are already done. The company is already registered, it has an article of association, it has a certificate of incorporation, and it is ready to take over.

A 5-year-old company in UK is a legal entity. And, as the companies exist in dormant form, it indicates, the company hasn’t been engaged in trading of any sort. Therefore, it is a company with a reputation but no history.

At Activate Global Limited, we offer a 5-year-old company in UK for sale. You can purchase a company from us and start your business immediately. Here, we have noted all the important information that you need to know about a 5-year-old company in UK.

What is a 5-Year-Old Company in UK?

A 5-year-old company refers to a company that has been on the shelf for 5 years. In this regard,  a shelf company means a company that is already registered under UK jurisdiction. The company has the permission of the UK government to do business. However, it hasn’t been engaged in doing so in its 5 years of existence.

These are also known as a Ready Made company or an aged corporation. In most cases, a shelf company is registered as a limited company in the UK. So, it is an LTD that’s been formed but stayed idle.

Furthermore, a 5-year-old shelf company has everything a regular company should have. Therefore, upon purchasing one, you can start doing business. Also, you can get investments or open a bank account based on the 5-year-old company you purchase.

How does Purchasing a 5-Year-Old Company in UK Works?

The UK has the most lenient laws for business owners. So, if you wish to do business with a 5-year-old company, then you will have no problem at all. In fact, you can purchase a 5-year-old company and start a business instantly.

When you purchase a 5-year-old company in UK, you get a corporation that is already registered with the Companies House. This means the primary paperwork is done. Also, the company has a certificate of incorporation. So, your legal works are almost done here.

However, as the company is already registered, it has an owner, a list of shareholders, and directors. Since you will be buying the company, you will have the authority to choose the shareholders and directors. So, there will be a transferring of ownership. And, there will be some changes in the documents.

The Legal Changes will include

Firstly, there will be a change in ownership. The owner will acquire the 5-year-old company legally through this.

Then, the new owner of the company will provide a list of shareholders. And, that will be updated in the company registry

Also, there will be changes in the registered address of the 5-year-old company as per the new address of the company. The owner can choose to purchase a registered address service additionally to continue using the current address

Additionally, the company will need a new set of directors. Therefore, the list of directors has to be updated as per the new owner’s choice. In this regard, the new owner will need a nominee director. He/she can purchase that service from us as well.

Lastly, the new owner can change the name of the 5-year-old shelf company if they wish to. This is not necessary as all the shelf companies already have a unique name.

And, with the completion of the legal changes mentioned above, you will be able to begin the business. The whole legal procedure takes some time. There will be application filing and then changes will be made. It can take 7 to 10 business days. However, mostly we try to finish it before that.

Is Buying a 5-Year-Old Company in UK Safe?

A common question that people often ask is whether buying a 5-year-old company in UK is a safe option or not. To be honest, there are some rules that each shelf company abides by. First of all, 5-year-old shelf companies are legal entities. So, there is no issue in terms of the government’s permit.

Also, all the shelf companies, including the 5-year-old ones, exist as dormant companies. The means the company only existed for the past 5 years. It hasn’t been doing any trading or got any investors or debts. Therefore, even though the companies were registered 5 years ago, these come with n history.

Moreover, 5-year-old shelf companies are completely safe to buy. Once you buy a company you will be the first person to do business using the company. And, the company will run as your wish.

Benefits of Purchasing a 5-Year-Old Company in UK

A 5-Year-Old Company comes with a handful of benefits too. And, these are the reasons why you should invest in one. 5-Year-old rack companies permit you to draw in into business, credit, or land arrangements as a setup organization without going through the long holding up time of setting up a new enterprise.

Therefore, it could save you plenty of your valuable time which you could use to focus on creating your saleable. Furthermore, the shelf companies are much easier to acquire. As you apply to register a company in the UK, there is a long line where you must wait. Also, there is a lengthy verification process monitored by strict laws. Compared to opening a company, purchasing a ready-made one is easier and a much sure shot way.

Most expected loans, investments, or business assets are less inclined to stretch out credit or loan to new or up-start organizations. By moving toward them as a pre-registered or existing organization, the more your business gets the opportunities of getting investments, banking connections, leases, etc.

Also, as a company that has been in existence for 5 years long in the UK itself, the business will appear as a more reliable one in general. As a potential investor or customer will look into your company, they will see that the organization has been there for 5 years. And thus, they will feel more confident spending money on it.

Get a 5-Year-Old Company in UK from Activate Global Limited

Activate Global Limited has a line of 5-year-old companies in the UK for you to buy. The process of acquiring is easy. You will have to purchase the company by placing your order and making the payment.

Preparing the papers and filing the applications will be on us. And, in no time you will be able to get your company all ready to begin trade. Handed over to you. Our experts work day and night and we have great connections with the representatives of the governing bodies of UK. So, as you apply to own a 5-year-old company from us, it won’t take much time and you will get your company for sure.

All you have to do is place your order directly from our website. In case you have some doubts or queries, you can seek help from our experts as well. We have a team of executives who are always online to offer you an unforgettable experience. You can use the phone call, live chat option on the site, or you can fill in the inquiry form.

In case you are thinking about a hefty charge, do not be worried. Consultancy is always free with Activate Global Limited.