Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Managing money is often harder than earning money. That is why at Activate Global, we offer value-added and insightful account and bookkeeping services. We will help you with accounting and auditing if you are in search of a CPA, ACCA, or CA firm to manage your finances.

You can leave the accounting and bookkeeping tasks on our offshore team for affordable services. Outsourcing has been the secret to success for many businesses. Our services will be time-saving, low-cost, and effective. So, you can invest the extra time and effort in planning and creating one-of-a-kind products.

In short, we can be your virtual back office and we will keep managing the accounts from behind the scene. Here’s how you will be benefitted from our services –

  • Focus on different aspects of development for your business through market research
  • Putting effort in developing a better and efficient usage of finance for creating a dynamic business environment
  • Strategies to investing in products and services for wining over the customers
  • Significantly decreasing the time for reverting back to clients as the bookkeeping personnel will always have a clear picture of what’s going on in the company ready
  • Saving enough time for you to strengthen the business relations with attending more clients
  • Have the accounting and bookkeeping services take care of taxation preparation, handling invoices, reconciliations, and such
  • Save 40 to 50% of what in-house accountants and bookkeepers charge

Different Accounting and Bookkeeping Services we Cover

There’s a range of accounting and bookkeeping jobs that a company needs support with. Each of these roles or functions is vital for keeping the finances in check. Take a look at the jobs we can handle for you.

General Bookkeeping Services

We offer a wide variety of bookkeeping services along with accounting. The general services include areas such as account payables, account receivables, payroll, invoicing, reconciliations, etc. You will be assisted by a professional from the team we outsourced for you.

Accounting Services

If you own a small or mid-sized business, then you need proficient personnel for maintaining accounts. And, we offer just the same. You can further customize the accounting solutions depending on your specific requirements. With our first-hand experience in serving several companies with reliable accounting services, you will get the most relevant accounting packages. The common ones are Quickbooks, Clearbooks, Peachtree, XERO, MYOB, Quicken, and such. For a better and more customizable experience, send us your requirements. Or, speak with an executive.

Income Tax Preparation Services

Income taxes are mandatory for individuals as well as businesses. And we can help you in computing your income tax. Our services are accessible to people of the USA, UK, and Australia. Moreover, we take care of the preparation of tax returns along with all the calculations. And, outsourcing income tax preparation services for your company with us is a cost-effective way of getting the job done neatly. Besides, we can give you tax-saving advice as well.

Preparing and Analyzing Financial Statements

A business needs regular reports on the finances of different clients. Our accounting and bookkeeping services make sure that all the financial statements are being taken care of on a regular basis. And, the job is done as per the required accounting standards – that is finances are related to the accounts on the basis of income and expenses.

The aim of our organized accounting is to prepare a neat depiction of financial positions. Furthermore, you will get a comparative analysis of your profits and expenditure of different months. We do this job through trend analysis, ratio, variance analysis, and such. Thus, you make better decisions in the future and earn more profit.

Sales, Service Tax, VAT, and GST Computation Services

A business depends on sales. And, sales mean sales tax, VAT, GST, and so on. You can leave the tough job of computation and filing such taxes on us. Our team will handle the necessary calculations, prepare the documents, and file the tax returns. You can choose monthly, quarterly, or annual tax invoices as per your preference. We help you do your business while taking care of the tax-related legal aspects in check.

Financial Modeling and Business Plans

With experienced professionals, you can brush up on your business plans and come up with a financial model that will help to achieve your goals effectively. For start-ups as well as growing businesses, restructuring the budget and coming up with the most relevant business plans help to stay focused and earn more profit.

Our role here is to outsource you to the right accounting firms so that you can have an iterative financial model that will increase the cash flow of your business. Plus, the professionals will give you an estimate of how they plan on increasing the cash flow in the next 3 to 7 years for your organization. And, the job will be done by market research and informed budgeting for the upcoming 1-3 years.

So, place your order with us to help your business grow. We can not only outsource you the right accounting firm but also offer expert advice on what direction you should move to for more profit.