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Basic Details Required to Register a UK Limited Company?

  • Post By admin
  • Jun 1, 2021

The United Kingdom has always been a business-friendly nation. For centuries the country has encouraged entrepreneurial-minded people in their pursuit of success. While the times have changed, the support for new ventures remains undiminished. The process to register a UK Limited company is quick and smooth, especially with professional assistance.

If you’re planning to start a venture of your own or looking to expand your business in the UK, this blog should help you get an idea.

Minimum Requirements to Register a UK Limited Company

The following section will give you a detailed overview of the documents required to initiate the registration process.

To register a UK Limited company, a director needs to be named. To be eligible for being appointed as a director of a new company, the person should be of at least 16 years of age.

Apart from appointing a director, you’ll also need to provide a valid address against which the company will be registered. The address needs to be from the region you want to register your company in, i.e. Scotland, Ireland, Wales, or England –  based on the location of your choice.

Apart from the above-mentioned details, you’ll also need to come up with a name for your brand or service. To register a UK Limited company, the selected name cannot be identical or too similar to any other existing companies registered under the Companies House of UK.

Lastly, to initiate registration, the company needs to issue at least one share during the time of incorporation.

Register a UK Limited Company with Activate Global

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