Company Formation in UK for Non residents

Company formation in UK for non-residents is a great albeit time-consuming job. Also, doing the entire thing on your own can be a little heavy on your pockets. Now, there is an easier option that is quick, reliable, and affordable. That’s Activate Global Limited.

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Company Formation in UK for Non-Residents at a Quick Glance

  • You will need your passport and address proof for company formation
  • Activate Global Limited will form your company within 1-2 business days
  • We have all the additional services including Nominee Director, Registered Office Address, etc.
  • We are always online to help you out and our prices are affordable

Can a Non-Resident form a Company in the UK?

The first question that every non-resident asks is whether they can open a company in the UK or not. Now, there are no complications or tricks. Anyone can open a company in the UK. So, even if you are a non-resident, no worries there.

The option for company formation in the UK is there for you. However, what you need to know first is that there is a verification process. So, as you go for company formation in UK for non-residents, you will need an agency that will handle everything for you. Without the agents, company formation in UK for non-residents is next to impossible. Contact Activate Global Limited if you are in search of a reliable agency.

Now, as long as you meet all the criteria given by the legal bodies and have your documents, you will be able to form a company. Also, you can buy a ready-made company if you are in a hurry.

Benefits of Company Formation in UK for Non-Residents

Company formation in UK for non-residents comes with several benefits. These are –

  • You will be able to enter the global trade market
  • Own a business bank account in the UK
  • Get tax exemptions and save a great deal of money on tax
  • Invest in UK’s share market
  • You will get a customer base with greater purchasing power
  • A better privacy protection
  • Asset protection
  • Ease of remote company formation and operation

Therefore, go for company formation in UK for non-residents. You will earn great profits and reach the heights you have dreamt of.

Things to Remember for Company Formation in UK for Non-Residents

Company formation in UK for non-residents is not an impossible thing. However, there are a lot of things that you need to take care of. There are some preparations, arrangements, planning, and so on.

The most vital part of company formation in UK for non-residents is the preparation. The arrangements must be alright. And, you will be able to create your company without any hassles. That is why we have listed all the things or factors that need your attention as you go for company formation in UK for non-residents.

Creating a Business Plan

The first thing you have to do is create a business plan. Now, the plan must be practical. Otherwise, you will have issues in executing it. As for the plan, there are few things you must cover.

The foremost is coming up with a name for the business. In this regard, you must know that in the UK, each company must come up with a unique name. In the UK, you can’t have a company name that’s already been taken. The best way of finding a unique name is using our Company Name Checker.

Then, you will have to prepare the basic profit plan. This will include choosing a company structure. And then, chalking out the plans of operation. Now, there are 4 different company structures to choose from – LTD, LLP, LBG, and CIC.

If you are planning to pay your taxes and earn as much profit as possible, then you have to choose between LTD or LLP. And, if you are more interested in establishing an organization with charitable motives, then LBG or CIC is the right choice.

Now, as most people prefer to earn a huge profit, people choose LTD or LLP. And, even among these two, LTD is the most popular for the benefits you will get.

Prepare All the Documents

The next step you will have to take is to prepare all the documents. Now, this is the most vital step. Because the documents are mandatory for UK company formation.

There are two things you will need during your identity verification. These are – a photo ID and an address proof. As for the photo ID, it can be an official document issued by your country’s government, such as a passport, a driving license, etc

Now, for the address proof, you can present any document that has your current address. It can be utility bills, credit card statement, bank statements, etc that is not more than 3 months old.

Additionally, you will have to prepare some documents regarding your company as well. These are –

  • A list of shareholder(s) names and contact details
  • A list of details of what percentage of share each shareholder owns

As for the documents are concerned, we will help you prepare them. You can leave it on us. You can simply seek help from our professionals by opting for our company formation services in the UK. And, lastly, for the Nominee Director, this is a service you can purchase from us. Just check out our website to know more.

Basic Details for Registrations

Furthermore, you will have to provide some basic details during the registration procedure. These are –

  • Your full name
  • Passport
  • An address proof
  • Your father’s name
  • Mother’s maiden name
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Origin
  • A valid phone number
  • Contact details of all shareholders
  • Name and address of all shareholders

Now, during the entire document preparation and presentation, you will receive our expert guidance. Just get in touch with us.

Acquire a Registered Office Address

To complete the company formation in UK for non-residents, you will need a registered office address. It is an address in the UK that you will show as your company’s primary address. This has to be a real physical address.

The legal entities will use this address for communicating with you. Therefore, you will be receiving all the important documents for your company at this address. And, you can choose a parcel forwarding service to get the delivery of those documents.

Also, you cannot provide the same address for the two companies. So, the address has to be unique. Accordingly, Activate Global Limited has a solution for this too. You can get Registered Office Address service from us.

Register your Company

Once the preparations are done, you will have to register your company. In the UK, the Companies House is responsible for the registration. Therefore, for successful completion of company formation in UK for non-residents, you will have to register your company.

Now, the Companies House has a registration form. You will have to fill it up and submit it. For this submission part, you will need help from an expert. For this, you can seek help from Activate Global Limited.

Upon submitting your registration application, you will have to wait for the Companies House to pass it. Once the application is granted, you will receive your company’s registration number. And, that will be it with the company formation in UK for non-residents.

Know About the Taxation

After registering, the company formation in UK for non-residents is officially done. However, you need a basic idea of the UK’s taxation policy if you want to successfully run the company. We will elaborate this to you upon choosing our package for company formation in the UK.

Company Formation in UK for Non-Residents: All you Need to Know

Company formation in UK for non-residents is a great option for exposure to global trade. As the UK is one of the best places for opening a company, you should begin your global trading journey here. The benefits simply don’t stop at more exposure to global trade.

The citizens in the UK have more purchasing power than most other countries. And, this adds up to a company’s chances of earning more profit by serving a much more affluent customer base. This whole scenario can help you rather get a grasp of the entire cash flow of the UK economy.

And, if you further decide to invest in stocks, you will have more earning opportunities than ever. In this regard, a UK bank account is a must for this which you will be able to create on the basis of your company.

Also, going for company formation in UK for non-residents will bring you a flexible way of running an organization. Less tax amount and more profit will moreover help you reach your organizational goals in no time.

However, none of these will be possible without an agency to help you with company formation. For which Activate Global Limited is here. So, get in touch with us for a remote company formation service.