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Company Formation in UK for Non-Residents: How Does Activate Global Limited Help?

  • Post By admin
  • Nov 8, 2021

One can easily set up their company in UK, even if one is not a resident or hold UK citizenship. All the processes associated with company formation in UK for non residents can easily be performed online through one’s PC or mobile phone.

One has to carefully decide the company structure before initiating the company formation processes. There are various company structures but the most common ones chosen for company formation in UK for non residents are LTD, LLP, LBG, and CIC.

LBG stands for Limited by Guarantee and CIC stands for Community Interest Company. These two company structures are preferred if one intends to set up a non-profit organization in UK.

LTD stands for Limited company and LLP stands for Limited Liability Partnership. These two structures for company formation in UK for non residents are suitable for profit based organizations.

LTD is the preferred structure between the two, as the company becomes a legal entity separate from the individual. This results in enhanced protection of the owner’s assets and other benefits. Hence most non-residents choose either the LTD or LLP structure, while forming profit based organizations in UK.

Activate Global Limited is an established brand, which enables company formation in UK for non residents. Activate Global Limited helps non-residents set up their company in UK in a hassle-free and cost efficient manner, through its top-notch remote services and consultancy. If you want to set up the company of your dreams in the UK, contact us for key insights and professional help.