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Company Formation in UK for Non-residents: The benefits

  • Post By admin
  • Oct 29, 2021

There are many people rather entrepreneurs who want to form a company in the UK to be a part of the global market but can’t achieve their goal just because they do not have a residential address out there in the UK. Now you may ask, “Why do I need a residential address to form a company?” Yes, it is a valid question. Company formation in UK for Non-residents does not require a permanent address but it does require a bank account in the UK; otherwise, how will you trade in the UK market? And, for that, you must have a residential address in the UK. Now, you may think that your dream cannot be fulfilled due to the lack of a residential address in the UK. But, don’t worry, we, Activate Global Limited is there to help you with it. We will do the needful. We do company formation in UK for non-residents

Benefits of company formation in UK for non-residents

There are numerous benefits if you opt for offshore company formation as a non-resident. UK is the best place if you are planning to form your company and you can secure maximum benefits out of it. Company formation in UK for non-residents is beneficial as you can facilitate global trading without limitations and restrictions. You get a greater customer base and better privacy protection also.


Being an entrepreneur in your own country it may become difficult for you to give enough time to form your offshore company. Don’t worry; Activate Global Limited is there to help. We are famous for company formation in UK for non-residents. Trust us and you won’t regret your decision.