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Offshore Company Formation for Non-Residents: Is It Legal? What’s the purpose?

  • Post By admin
  • Nov 4, 2021

There is no harm in opening a business in your own country. Then why will offshore company formation for non-resident be illegal if you dream bigger and opt for one? But you must be aware of all the nitty-gritty that comes along with your initiative. But who will help you with all the correct information? Contact Activate Global Limited and the experts will let you know about all the important and essential information related to offshore company formation for non-residents.

Is it legal?

Yes, owning an offshore company is legal and highly advisable for your business. However, you must carefully consider the country in which you want to set up your offshore company. There are certain high-tax countries that discourage offshore company formation for non-residents. These high-tax countries have discriminatory practices such as withholding tax on transactions from local businesses to offshore companies. On the other hand, there are also countries that have favourable laws related to offshore company formation for non-residents. Therefore, you must carefully choose the country for setting up your offshore company.

Its purpose

There are mainly three purposes for offshore company formation for non-residents. 

  • Tax avoidance and minimization
  • Asset protection and confidentiality
  • Penetrating the global trade market

Now, you may think that how you will set up an offshore company without visiting the country. Yes, even that is possible if you shake hands with the best service provider Activate Global Limited. The energetic and young team will guide and help you to form your dream business in a country that you are not a resident of. They will provide you with a Nominee Director also that you will need to open a bank account in that particular country in order to trade.