Cook Islands Bank Account

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The Cook Islands is one of the greatest places to open a bank if you aim for extreme financial growth and security. Being an Exclusive Economic Zone, the banks of Cook Islands offer some facilities which many countries don’t. And, any foreigner can open a bank account in the Cook Islands. Due to a great jurisdiction for banking services, having a private or business bank account in the Cook Islands can benefit you in many ways.

The basic features of a Bank Account in the Cook Islands are as follows –

  • Remote access of bank account
  • Fund transfer from anywhere in the world
  • Can receive multiple currencies
  • Exceptional taxation (being located in a tax haven)


The particular banking laws of Cook Islands are pro-customers. The Cook Islands Banking Act of 1981 and the Bank Act of 2003 are two laws that offer confidentiality to the customers who open a bank account.

Stipulation as per Section 4 of the Bank Act of 2003, there are three different licenses – domestic banking licenses, international banking licenses, and international restricted banking licenses.

Acquiring a domestic banking peppermint allows the holder to part take in any kind of banking transaction in the Cook Islands. These transactions can be made in any currency with tourists or permanent residents of the island.

The international Cook Islands Banking License empowers the holder with the privileges of three different acts – the International Company Act, the International Trusts Act, or the International Partnership Act. This license grants the holder the permission to conduct business with companies and residents based in and also outside the Cook Islands.

Additionally, citizens of other countries can continue banking in the Cook Islands with a confined international banking license. Authorizing such licenses requires a trustee company in the Cook Islands which we provide.

Therefore, reap the benefits of the banking services of Cook Islands and grow your money without doing anything. Open your bank account without visiting the bank with our assistance. Our representative will visit the banks for filing applications and take care of every other detail. If you are interested in knowing the other dimensions of offshore banking, you can seek expert consultancy from us as well.