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Cyprus banks are known to protect their customers through the Cypriot deposit protection scheme. As a result, your money remains safer than before. So, opening a Cyprus bank account can benefit you in ways you never even imagined. And, one can open a bank account in Cyprus even if they are not residents of the country. We can handle the entire procedure for you.


  • International Bank Account
  • SWIFT & SEPA Payments
  • A Range of Crypto Currencies Support
  • Dedicated IBAN
  • Wealth Management Facilities


Cyprus is a popular destination for tourism because of its history which is a part of ancient Greece. Located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea, this island is not famous only for its strong history but also for some great banking laws that are beneficial to both native and non-native people. The official languages of Cyprus are Turkish and Greek but English is also found to be widely used among all the people. You can easily avail of the banking facilities of Cyprus even if you aren’t a resident of the country.

Cyprus offers offshore banking for trading and investment accounts. And, you can get multi-currency support even if you choose remote banking. Furthermore, you will get a Debit card upon creation of your Cyprus offshore bank account. And, this debit card will be valid all over the globe. Therefore, you can access your money and get information regarding the account from any corner of the world.

Additionally, the strict banking laws of Cyprus help protect all the customers’ information and maintain confidentiality. As a result, the disclosure of any personal information is completely prohibited by the law. To make sure the law is imposed properly, every person associated with the banks in Cyprus has been signed an oath of secrecy as per the requirements of the Central Bank and this is a must. Violating the secrecy code may call forth the intervention of legal actions against the particular person.

Finally, Cyprus’ double taxation treaty makes your money even more secured. The treaty is signed between 25 nations including UK, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, etc.

Therefore, let your money grow in Cyprus banks. Create your account today for several financial benefits.