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Mauritius is known as the tax heaven for those with sharp business acumen. There is hardly a business minded person who does not want to trade globally some day. For living this dream, the first step is to opt for a bank account in a bank of Mauritius. The best part is that even non-residents are allowed to have a bank account in some banks of Mauritius and avail of the benefits related to saving tax. The bank account of Mauritius for non-residents has internet banking facilities like every other bank account and it does not have regular transaction limits.

So, get your bank account in Mauritius with our expert assistance. We will create a bank account in Mauritius for you and you do not even need to visit the country in order to have one.

Following are the features of a Mauritius Bank Account –

  • Online banking service
  • Multi-currency account
  • A debit card that you can use anywhere
  • Money transfer from any place of the world


Mauritius comes among the top companies that are known as tax havens along with Switzerland and Cook Islands. And, the banks of Mauritius offer citizens of other countries to avail of their outstanding banking facilities. Therefore, if one wishes to secure their money without paying a hefty amount of tax legally, then Mauritius is a great choice.

Besides, when it comes to interest rates, Mauritius banks offer a similar amount as other countries. So, opening a bank account means you will only gain from the facility. And we, at Activate Global, bring the opportunity of offshore banking to you without even stepping outside of your homes.

Unlock the range of Services Offered by Mauritius Banks for Offshore Entities –

  • Multi-currency Bank Accounts
  • Unlimited transactions outside the country
  • International Bank Transfers
  • Tax saving account
  • Business Debit/Credit card
  • The secrecy with depositor’s identity
  • Online banking features

The Basic Benefits of having a Mauritian Bank Account –

  • Extensive security
  • Protection of assets
  • Several investment Opportunities
  • Tax Savings features
  • High-Interest rates
  • Easy to remote access around the globe
  • Flexible banking services