Virtual Address for 1 Year

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Virtual Address for offshore business or banking purpose is of primary importance. It refers to an address that the offshore branch of your business will have for receiving mails. And, those mails will be forwarded to your actual address from the virtual address.

If you wish to expand your business globally, then having a virtual address is where you need to begin. Avail Virtual Address service from us. The address is renewable and the primary tenure is of 1 year. Thus, you can keep renewing your Virtual Address by purchasing the yearly package.

With the package, you will get –

  • Free Scan and Email facilities
  • Forwarding mail to your physical address (DHL & Processing charges will be applicable)


For mail forwarding outside the UK, the minimum DHL fee is GBP 299

The Dos and Don’ts of Virtual Address

  • You will be able to use your Virtual Address for receiving and forwarding parcels. However, parcel forwarding will require a courier charge for each parcel. And the charges will depend on factors like size, weight, the distance of the destination, and such.
  • Those who opted for our Offshore Bank Account service will receive their Debit card on the Virtual Address. And it will be shipped to their physical address.
  • You cannot use your Virtual Address for opening Bank Account. Violation of this rule has strict consequences.
  • Using your Virtual Address to get a Phone Number is not allowed.
  • Registering your Virtual Address as your company’s physical address is illegal
  • You can’t use the Virtual Address on your business card or other company documents or website.