Register UK Company in 7 Simple Step: Expand your Business

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  • May 25, 2021

The UK is a land of opportunities. The trade laws, banking policies, and special economic zones, everything about the UK is perfect for opening a business. Irrespective of the size of the organization, the UK has many opportunities for every business owner.

So, if you have big dreams for your business, you should try to expand it in the UK. And, you can do that even if you are not a resident in the UK. Now, to have your registered UK company, there’s a legal procedure you need to follow.

In this blog, we have jotted down all the 7 steps you need to register a UK company.

1. Choose your Company Structure

The first step you need to take towards forming your company in the UK is to choose a structure. There are many types of companies. And, the structure depends on ownership, line of command, profit assessment, basic principles, and much more.

The possible options to you are LTD, LLC, LLP, etc. To know in detail, read about different company structures here. (use for interlinking)

As you make your decision, think of which business structure will be the most helpful for managing tax and keeping your personal assets safe. Also, keep into consideration what type of business you are doing and which structure will compliment it the best.

2. Find the Company Name (for the UK)

Finding a suitable name for your company might seem easy. However, you can’t just go with the first name that popped into your mind. The procedure is a lot complicated.

At first, do market research and a thorough competitor analysis to begin. Look into the names that are there in the market and try to find the common pattern or tendency there.

Then, think of suitable names and jot down every single one that comes to your mind. Try to keep the name short and meaningful. Also, make sure the name is relevant to your business.

Finally, use our UK company name finder to check the availability of the names that you shortlisted. And, go with the one that has a nice ring to it, short, simple, easy to spell, and unique.

Once you finalize the name for your company, get a logo, tagline, and such to go. Remember, you have to be prepared to launch your company to the world at any moment. So, prepare your resources beforehand.

3. Get a Company Formation Package

Now, we are at the most vital sep. In order to register your UK company, you will be needing a company formation package. For this, you need the right service provider who will take care of the job for you.

In this regard, Activate Global has some of the best and most affordable company formation packages in the UK. Look into our different offers and find the one you are looking for. You can place your order with a click. And, we will take care of the company formation for you.

In case you need some guidance with which package will suit you the best, we can help you with that too.

4. Provide the Company’s Information

As you register a UK company, there are some verification procedures you must go through. Also, you need to fill out some information regarding your company. The Companies House needs this information for the completion of the registration procedure. Here are the details that you need to submit –

  • The Registered Office Address in the UK is the first thing you will need. This is the address which the Companies House and HMRC will use for communicating regarding official purposes.
  • The next information you have to submit is the details of the company directors. Now, in order to have a registered UK company, you must have at least one director. And, submit their name, date of birth, address, etc to the Companies House.
  • The last information Companies House needs is details of shareholders. Like directors, a business must have at least one shareholder. The shareholder can be the same as your company director. And, in this case, also, you have to submit their name, DOB, address, etc.

If you do not have a UK Address, then Activate Global can arrange that for you. Check out our Registered Company Address services.

5. Allocate the Shares

While registering your UK company, you need to allocate the shares to your shareholder(s). You can keep the individual shares as low as worth £1. There’s no lower limit of how much a shareholder must possess.

6. Take Care of the Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Memorandum contains detailed information about the initial shareholders of a company. While the Articles of Association refer to the rule-set that determines the governing principles of a company. These are the most valuable documents to a company.

Therefore, you must collect these two documents to formally ensure that your company is valid. Make sure your director(s) and shareholder(s) agree on the management of the company and sign the documents.

7. Submit all the Documents to Companies House

Companies House is the governing body that keeps a record of all the registered UK companies. So, you need to send all your documents to the Companies House and they will proceed with the registration.

Submitting the documents by 3 pm will ensure you get the registration on the same day. If you need assistance with the procedure, connect with Activate Global.

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We, at Activate Global, can take care of every work that is needed to be done for registering a UK company. So, without doing the complicated procedure all alone, get in touch with us. We offer relevant consultancy as well.

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