One of the common terms you need to be familiar with while opening a bank account outside the country or for expanding your business globally is “Registered Address”. This write-up is for the purpose of clearing the concept.

What is a Registered Address?

A registered address is also known as a registered office. Each corporation or business gets their own unique registered address as they open its business offshore. This address is for public records. Also, certain important persons or organizations such as HMRC use this address for communicating with the company.

Why does a Company Needs a Registered Address?

Since a company is considered a legal body, it needs a place where people can communicate with them. And, a company’s registered address serves that purpose. Due to the purpose it serves, a registered address is a must-have for having a company in the UK.

This address is for a display to the public, on the official documents, and on the media produced by the company. Additionally, legal bodies like Companies Home, HRMC, etc also use this address for sending official notices and letters.

How to Get a Registered Address?

In order to get a registered address for your offshore business, you need just need to place your order with Activate Global. Buy our package for a registered address in the UK, and we will take care of the rest. You will get a London registered office in no time. And, the address will be activated within 2 working days.

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