UK Bank Account Without Visit for Non Resident

If you are a business-minded person, then at some point you should have thought about having a bank account in the UK. Especially now when you can create a UK Bank account without visit for non resident, this is an option you should definitely go for. With that said, there is not only one but a plethora of reasons why a UK Bank account for non-residents is a great choice.

If you wish to open a bank account in the UK as a non-resident, then you are going to need some professional help. To be honest, the UK banks accept the application of non-residents. However, there are many criteria and a strict screening procedure that each applicant goes through.

Therefore, the only plausible way of UK Bank account formation without visit for non resident is through a reliable agency. If you are in search of one, then you can contact Activate Global Limited. We offer bank account opening services remotely. So, you can handle the entire procedure without even visiting. In this article, we have explained the procedure and benefits you will get from us.

How to Open a UK Bank Account without Visit for Non Resident

There are many UK banks that offer services to non-residents. As you go for a bank account, you need to first understand a few things. And then, you need to prepare some documents as well. The overall procedure does not take a lot of time. However, you must handle everything carefully.

Here, we have explained the seven steps of UK Bank account opening without visit for non resident. So, just go through the steps and it will help you understand the entire procedure.

1. Choose the Account Type

The first thing you need to do is choose a particular type of account. Basically, in the UK, there are many types of bank accounts that are there. Just like any other country, you will get a few options when you decide to open an account.

The most common ones are savings accounts and business accounts. Now, if you are a non-resident, then you will have to choose from any of these two. If you choose an international savings account, then you will be able to keep your money and get interest. However, certain business facilities won’t be available to your international savings account.

On the other hand, if you choose a business bank account in the UK, then you will get much more benefits. However, you need to form a company in order to open a business bank account. So, you can go for this option if you already have a UK-registered company. Otherwise, you can get in touch with us and we will arrange everything for you.

2. Pick a Bank

After deciding which type of account you are going for, you need to see which of the UK banks have the service you are looking for. There are around 300 banks in the UK. And, some of them offer the services to international customers. So, while deciding on a bank, the first filter will be seeing which banks are offering their services to international customers.

After that, you can look into other criteria such as interest rates, facilities, and such. Here, we have jotted down the name of the UK banks that are best for non-residents. So, if you are planning to form a UK Bank account opening without visit for non resident , then these are the options you can go for.

  • HSBC
  • Barclays
  • TSB
  • Metro Bank
  • Yorkshire Bank
  • Santander
  • Revolut
  • NatWest/RBS
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Starlight Bank
  • Clydesdale Bank

Moreover, if you choose a bank from this list, opening a bank account will be much easier for you as a non-resident. And, if you need any sort of assistance, then we are always here to help you out with that.

3. Find a Professional Service Provider

As we have already mentioned, in order to open a UK Bank account without visit for non resident, you need a professional to take care of the job for you. Basically, there are bank account setup agencies that do the job legally. All you have to do is find a reliable agency and then place an order with them.

It is the agency that visits the bank on your behalf and fulfills the formalities that are necessary. Also, you need some sort of references or recommendations in order to open a UK bank account without visit for non resident. In this case, the agency provides the reference on your behalf and recommends you to the banks they are partners with.

Therefore, if you want to open a UK Bank account without visit for non resident, then you can contact us. We are a reliable agency that has been providing bank account setup services in the UK for years. With us offering a recommendation, setting up your account will be much easier and faster. To know more, you can get in touch with us.

4. Send your Application

The next step for UK bank account without visit for non resident is sending your application. Each bank in the UK offers a bank account opening form. This is commonly known as a proposal form.

What you have to do is duly filled in the proposal form with all the details. You will have to provide your name, address, occupation, date of birth, nationality, contact number, and some other details. After collecting the form, you need to fill it in with the right details.

This is something you need to do carefully. Depending on your proposal form, the banks decide whether they will allow you to open an account or not. You might need some professional help to do this part. For this, again, we can help you out.

5. Submit the Proposal and Documentation

Once you are done filling up the application form, you need to submit it. Furthermore, as you know, you had to fill in some details about yourself. During the application submission, you will have to provide the valid documents that will rectify that the details you have filled in are all correct.

There are mainly two documents that you need to submit along with your proposal. The first one is a valid photo ID. You can provide a copy of your passport or driver’s license for this. The other document that you need to provide is valid address proof. For this one, you can submit any utility bills, bank statements, or any official document that contains your address and that is less than 3 months old.

If you are going for a business bank account, then you will have to submit some additional papers as well. You will have to provide a copy of the certificate of incorporation of your company and a few other documents. To get help with organizing the documents, you can contact us and we will guide you with it.

6. Go Through the Verification

After you are done submitting your application and all the documents, you will now have to wait for the bank to contact you. Upon receiving your application, the bank will go through your documents and contact you regarding identity verification.

The bank officer might ask you a few questions as well. These are for identity verification only. If you are not confident enough or can’t understand the procedure, then we can help you out with it. Upon booking our UK Bank account formation services, we will initiate and organize the verification procedure for you.

7. Deposit the Money

After the verification, the officer will proceed with your application to the higher authorities. And, once the application has been accepted, you will be able to complete the UK bank account formation. Now, all you have to do is deposit the initial amount in your freshly formed UK Bank account for non-residents.

However, you must not forget that you cannot get your cheques or debit card delivered instantly. For a UK bank account, the delivery of a debit card and other staff takes around 30 days. Until then, you can deposit and withdraw money using net banking or other online options.

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