UK Company Formation for Non Resident

UK company formation for Non Resident – a concept that has gained the attention of all the business owners of the world. Especially after facing a global lockdown in 2020, the world has witnessed the importance of online and remote services.

While the companies that operated only physically faced a severe loss or were shut down, the ones that had a digital presence managed to survive. The recent events drew attention to the importance of having an alternative income. And, what could be better than forming and operating a company in the UK?

A nation with one of the most stable economic growth, the UK has always been a favorite spot of business owners. And, due to the benefits of remote UK company formation for Non Resident, it is now the most profitable option one can go for. Therefore, if you are looking for UK company formation for non-residents we can help you out.

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The Benefits of UK Company Formation for Non-Residents

To put it simply, UK company formation for non-residents comes with numerous benefits. And, the benefits are the things a person should check before seizing business opportunities. That is why we have jotted down all the primary benefits of UK company formation here.

  • First of all the UK offers several trading benefits to offshore company owners. You can run a company in the UK without being present in the UK or having a physical storefront.
  • Also, the UK comes with a lenient tax policy when it comes to non-residents. These policies help a person to save a higher percentage of the total annual income.
  • Another key point is that in the UK the companies are treated as a separate legal entities. This enables the freedom of taking risks in business.
  • Since the company is treated as a separate legal entity, the owner’s personal property stays protected even during the time of a loss.
  • Furthermore, the governing bodies of the UK follow a strict privacy policy. So, under any circumstances, they do not put your personal information in public records. Thus, things like your contact details, address, or trading history remain confidential.
  • Additionally, the UK has a much more stable market than any other country. This opens up the opportunity of investing in global trade and grows bigger to a company.
  • Lastly, there is no rule in the UK that States if you form a company you have to begin trading with it. So, you can simply go for company incorporation and then sell those companies to other interested business owners. This is another great way of earning profit.

The best part of UK company formation for non-residents is you can complete the entire procedure without visiting the UK even once. So, just think how much you can do from the comfort of your home with a UK-registered company.

How the UK Company Formation for Non-Residents Work

Now that you know the benefits of UK company formation for Non Resident, you must be thinking about how to do it. Basically, you need to register your company with the Companies House in the UK. That is all one needs to do for company incorporation.

And, to take care of this procedure, you need a professional who can help you out with the form fill up registration, and other requirements. For that, Activate Global Limited is there to help. Now, let’s take a look at how to form a company in the UK.

  • A company formation begins with a plan regarding how your company is going to work. You basically need to come up with a unique name and then choose a company structure.
  • The next step is filing some important documents at the Companies House. These documents are needed to issue a certificate of incorporation.
  • Now, you need to prepare a list of shareholders and directors for your company.
  • After that, you need to fill up Form IN01 for the company registration. And then, you need to submit it along with the Memorandum and Articles of Association.
  • Additionally, you need to get a Nominee Director for your company as well. Also, you are going to need a registered office address.
  • Finally, submit the application and wait for the certificate of incorporation from the Companies House.

This is simply a snippet of UK company formation for Non Resident. You can get in touch with us for more details. We will help you with company formation along with relevant services.

Why you should Go for Remote UK Company Formation for Non Resident with Activate Global Limited

The easiest way of UK company formation for Non Resident is through a service provider. And, Activate Global Limited is a company formation service provider that has been helping people for a long time. With a 10000+ customer base, we are one of the most reliable choices you can go for. Here’s why you should form your company with us.

1. Cost-Effective Option

Going down to the UK for company formation costs thousands of euros. You have to spend money on plane fare, visa, your stay in the UK, the cost of a broker, registration fees, and much more. While with us, you can complete the entire procedure without spending so much money. All you have to pay is the company formation charges. And, we will take care of the rest.

2. All the Services in One Place

Owning and handling a company is a hard job. The headache doesn’t end with simply registering the company. You will need a bunch of other services. Also, you might need a business bank account. Activate Global Limited has all the necessary services in one place. So, you do not have to spend days searching for different services.

3. Remote Services

We offer the convenience of remote company formation. So, you do not have to visit the UK. Furthermore, you do not have to visit any organization or go through any other troubles. We handle the entire procedure. You will have to provide the documents and place your order. Rest will be our responsibility.

4. One-Day Company Formation

Our services are not just super-efficient but super quick as well. Usually, UK company formation for Non Resident takes more than a month. However, not with us. We take less than a week in total.

Once you place your order, we get in touch with you on the same day. And then, after discussion, we send you a list of documents you need to provide. As soon as you organize everything, we proceed with the registration. And, the registration takes 1-2 business days with us. So, if you are in luck, you can form a company in one single day.

5. Complete Privacy Protection

We have a strict policy for data protection. So, as you form a company with us, we keep all the details along with all your sensitive information confidential. We provide guarantees against data theft and mishandling the information. Therefore, you get security assurances along with our highly efficient services.

So, get in touch with us today. Reap the benefits of our contacts and expertise for UK company formation for Non Resident. We are always happy to serve you. And, if you still have some doubts, give us a call. You can sign up for our consultancy if you are having a hard time making up your mind. It is free of any charges.

Online UK Company Formation for Non Resident from Anywhere in the World with Activate Global Limited

Are you a non-resident looking for UK company formation for Non Resident opportunities? Then, Activate Global Limited has some good news for you. With us, you can create a company in the UK completely online.

The first thing you need to do is place your order with us. You can do that directly from our website and wait for our call. Or else, you can consult with us first. Whichever you find better for you, go for that option.

Now, as for the consultancy, you can give us a call for that. Or else, you can use the live chat window from our website. Our executives are always available to assist you. Lastly, you can use the contact form on our website too. Otherwise, you can choose to send us an email directly.

Therefore get in touch with us for UK company formation for Non Resident from anywhere in the world. Avail of our remote services and create a company in the UK from the comfort of your home. For any during the checkout procedure, you can contact us as well. And, if you are in need of any other services like a Nominee Director or a registered UK address, you can add those to your cart too.