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Activate Global Limited

Company Incorporation (UK)

Launch a new company in the UK with minimum hassles with quick registration service guaranteed

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Activate Global Limited

UK Bank Account

Opening a bank account in the UK is easier than ever our specialized financial assistance for businesses

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Activate Global Limited

Offshore Expansion

Expand to offshore locations with ease with our professional legal and financial solutions for companies

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Activate Global Limited

Accounting Solutions

Safeguard and keep track of finances with professional accounting services to ensure business stability

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Activate Global Limited

Go Online

Take your brand and services digital with ready to use websites tailored for various industries

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Activate Global Limited

Virtual Assistance

Manage or delegate essential business and legal formalities with professional virtual assistance anytime

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Professional Association of Company Registration Agents and Certified Offshore Expansion

We are committed to our goal of helping businesses expand to new offshore locations with complete assistance in legal and financial formalities.

We‘re ensuring our company documentation is of the highest quality, always up-to-date, and compliant with current regulations and legislation


Quick 4-Step Offshore Company Formation

Our simple yet efficient 4 steps are designed to help businesses from offshore companies with professional assistance and zero hassle.

Choose Name

Select a name for your new company. Ensure to choose a name available for registration

Find a Package

Select a package from the list of available options curated specially to help launch brands

Confirm Order

Once done selecting a package of the choice move to the cart to complete placing the order

Forward Details

Next, simply forward us the necessary details and you are all done. We’ll take it from there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For people willing to open a bank account in the UK, we offer services from Lloyds Bank and other high street banks.

We will typically register your new company within 24 hours of you submitting your online application. You will receive the official paperwork via email as soon as your company is registered at Companies House.

To register a company, you will first need to choose a unique company name. You'll also need to provide the full name, residential address, date of birth, nationality, business occupation, telephone number and place of birth.

You can use your home address, but we don't recommend it. Your home address will be publicly available for anyone, including marketing agencies and the general public, to view. That's why most companies prefer to use our registered office service, which gives you a prestigious business address.

The cost and speed of incorporating in the UK is much lower compared to other countries. It will just take few hours to register a UK company. There are no minimum capital requirements and you do not need a lawyer, accountant, magistrate or notary to form a company.

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    Activate Global - Professional Servicess

    Activate Global is a long-serving offshore expansion specialist for companies from around the world. Avail the widest range of professional assistance to set up offshore locations for easy business operations.

    Company Incorporation

    Going global with offshore offices is now simpler than ever with our assistance. Register your company in the UK or any other listed locations in 2 business days and start operations.

    Offshore Bank Accounts

    Avoid complicated formalities and open an offshore bank account with our assistance in the UK or any other available locations. We aim to enable businesses to expand remotely to new locations

    Accounting Solutions

    Stay updated with the books. Get complete assistance managing the finances of your offshore companies remotely with our professionals from anywhere.

    Nominee Director

    Most of the Reputed Banks in the UK do not accept the applications for non-UK residents. So hiring a British Director will enable the possibilities to get a Bank account with those reputed and top notch Banks for your UK Company.

    Choose a Business Structure of Choice

    Have an idea that can be a hit in a different country? Thinking about expanding to an offshore location to launch your brand? Here are some of the usual company structures that you need to be aware of.

    • 1. Sole Trader: A sole trader or a sole proprietor means the owner is the only owner and founder of the organization. As a sole trader, you have the power but also directly liable for all the debts the company incurs. It is also easy to set up and start operations.
    • 2. Partnership: A partnership is a structure of business where two or more parties agree to a specific set of terms as per the agreements. Members are only liable to cover their own share of the debts and not the whole company.
    • 3. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): An LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) is similar to a partnership but not the same. In an LLP the partners and the company are separate entities and the organization can be sued in its name.
    • 4. Private Limited Company: One of the most common choices of people, a private limited company always oozes a sense of trust among other businesses. At least two members, a director, and a guarantor is always required to register a private limited company.

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