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Can Foreigners Open a Company in UK?

  • Post By admin
  • Sep 3, 2021

The UK is the magical land for business with one of the largest economies. Foreigners often ask can they open a company in UK too? And, the answer is yes. However, it is not so simple. Whether you are a UK citizen or not, there are certain legal steps you need to take for opening a company.

So, you might wonder what it would take for them to do business in the UK? To begin, there are many rules with which the business owner must comply. In this blog, we have discussed whether foreigners can open a company in UK and what do they need to start. So, keep reading.

What Do you Need to Open a Company in UK

Regardless of your nationality, you can do business in the UK and run your company legally. And, you can do this without a Visa or Residential permit. However, legitimization of the organization requires registration.

So, if you wish to open a company in UK, you need to register your business with the Companies House first. Now, the registration procedure requires some documents like photo ID, address proof, a registered address for the company, memorandum, shareholders’ list, and such.

 And, once you prepare everything, you have to file your application for the company opening to the Companies House. Now, among all the above things, you can prepare each and every document for your company other than arranging a registered address.

In this regard, foreign nationals can get their UK-registered address too. It can be a property owned by the business owner or allotted to them lawfully. Accordingly, if you try to buy land in the UK, it can be a tough job.

On the other hand, getting a lawful permit of using an actual physical address of the UK from its legal owner can be the easy way. The procedure is not much complicated either. You can do it through Activate Global and open a company in UK.