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London Office Address: What is it

  • Post By admin
  • Sep 13, 2021

A London Office Address is a virtual office situated in London that is registered as a company’s official address. Basically, to open a company and professionally operate the business in the UK, one must have a physical address in the UK itself. This address appears in the company’s official documents. And, it has to be unique for every company.

Also, this address is used by the Companies House and the HMRC for sending official documents and for urgent communication purposes. Therefore, a London Office Address is a postal address that exists in London for real.

And, a company receives all its official documents and parcels in this particular address which is later forwarded to the company’s actual physical address. Also, you can get an update from anywhere in the world.

How to Get the London Office Address?

The entire concept of the London Office Address is virtual. However, the address itself cannot be virtual. It has to be a valid, existing, physical piece of land inside London. So, the question that arises is how do you get this address without visiting London.

The London Office Address can be acquired without visiting the UK. There are many companies in the UK who offer London Office Address. What they do is they let you use an address owned by them, as your registered address. You just need to find a service provider who offers Virtual Address Service. Make sure the service provider offers hybrid mail forwarding as well. Otherwise, you have to find another firm for this job.

One such company is Activate Global Limited. What you can do is look into our Virtual Office Address service. We further offer several packages for parcel forwarding.