A Nominee Director in the UK is a person or an organization who is the principal office for a company. In other words, an entity that will agree to be listed as your company’s principal office with little to zero involvement in the internal matters. Now, in the United Kingdom, a Nominee Director is a mandatory requirement for registering your business. The benefits are simple yet unavoidable. Whenever someone will search for your business, the Nominee Director’s name will show, which will speak about the authenticity of a company.

Furthermore, the Nominee Director has no control over the management or internal affair of the company. Therefore, register your “Private Limited” company with UK Nominee Director. Whether you are a UK-based company or not, having a Nominee Director will ensure that the secret of the genuine proprietor of your business stays legally protected.

What are the Things you Need to Apply for Availing a UK Nominee Director Service?

First of all, you need to provide proof of identity and valid address proof. The preferable documents are – Passport, Driving license, Utility bills, Bank statements (not more than 3 months old)

Also, we, as the Nominee Director, will need to know the reason why you require the service, the nature of the business, and some other details of the company.
What is the Purpose of a Nominee Director?

All the reputed banks of the UK have a strong filtration process when it comes to applying for accounts. In order to open a bank account in the UK (for non-residents), Nominee Director works like the authentication personnel who guarantees one’s identity and purpose.

Therefore, non-residents need a Nominee Director for opening a UK bank account and establishing their business’ overseas branch. Besides, having a UK Nominee Director will make your company trustworthy and reliable. And, the Nominee Director we offer will execute as intermediaries – go all the way on behalf of proprietors without restrictions.

Note: The Nominee Director will abide by an exclusive agreement that will ensure that the rights and decisions of a company belong solely to the owner only.
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