Open Offshore Bank Account Hong Kong

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Hongkong allows everyone to open a bank account regardless of one’s nationality. And, people flock towards this because of the added benefits you get. Starting from a comparatively low rate of tax to anti-stringent money laundering rules, the perks are endless. And, we can handle all the procedures, making it convenient for you.

Features of Hongkong Bank Account

  • Personal as well as Business Bank Accounts
  • Send money anywhere in the world
  • Receive payments effortlessly
  • Private plus Corporate Master Cards
  • Worldwide bank transfers
  • Payment Gateway incorporation
  • Special facility for keeping spending in Check
  • Remote banking facility
  • Spend globally using online as well as offline mode


Hongkong is the land of riches. And, it’s been known as the world’s financial hub for decades. The popularity of Hongkong banks rose due to tax exemptions and higher rates of interest. Besides, the remote banking facility that too for customers offshore is what makes Hongkong bank accounts even more exciting.

Now, opening a bank account means a capital requirement. When it comes to Hongkong bank account, the capital requirement is the minimum. And, that too legally. Because of the dynamic range of benefits for the customers, an offshore bank account in Hongkong is a great choice for people who are looking forward to managing their finances better or for businesses.

However, creating your bank account in Hongkong is not really easy. It requires some documents and be physically present. And, this is where many people fail to create their bank account. This is where we, Activate Global, come into the scenario. We make sure to inform you regarding the documents, verify them, and help you with the procedure. Not just that, we make opening a bank account without visiting Hongkong possible for you. The entire setup takes 1-14 business days depending on which country passport you have. So, opt for our services to get assistance throughout the procedure and access limitation-free banking.