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Switzerland bank accounts are one of the best choices if you want your money to grow securely. The banks of the country are overly secured when it comes to making confidentiality of customers’ identities. Therefore, the accounts are identified by a number instead of anyone’s name. And, we can help you open your Swiss Bank Account without even going to the bank.

Get your Business Registered and Open Switzerland Bank Account from the Convenience of your Home

There are several benefits you will be able to access with a Swiss bank account. These are –

  • Switzerland Bank Account Facilities:
  • Easy Online Banking facility
  • Worldwide money transfer
  • Multi-currency account


Swiss bank accounts are quite famous all over the world. And, people choose the services over and over again for better security of their money. The primary benefit of opening a Switzerland Bank Account is the minimum amount of financial risk. Also, Swiss banks take great measures for maintaining customers’ privacy. Further, the depositor receives several benefits and protection from the Bank authorities. This means the money stays secure even during a time of financial crisis.

Documents Required for Swiss Bank Account Opening

  • ID Proof: Passport
  • Address Proof: Copy of electricity or phone bill
  • Residency status: Visa

Note: Non-residents can open a bank account by showing proof of income and pay a substantial deposit. Plus, a letter from one’s employer is valid for the demonstration of one’s solvency.


  • No disclosure of one’s personal information
  • Can accept money from all over the globe
  • Confidentiality regarding the bank balance and transactions
  • Bank account in the only politically neutral country of the world (no allies, no enemies)

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