USA Bank Account setup for Non-Resident: Account Types

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  • May 13, 2022

If you choose to have a bank account in a country where you do not live or hold a passport, then the bank account is called an offshore bank account. Such an offshore bank account can be used for different purposes. Some use it for doing business and some for their individual usage. Now, if you are thinking of having USA bank account setup for non-resident but do not want to take the headache related to the legal procedures of the bank account setup then you need to take the help of professionals. Activate Global Limited is one of the most experienced as well as reliable agencies that makes the task smooth for you by doing the entire task on your behalf. Contact the team now for your USA bank account setup for non-resident.

How many types of offshore bank accounts are there?

There are mainly two types of offshore bank accounts: one is a business bank account and the other one is a personal bank account. Both types of bank accounts can be opened with the help of the renowned agency Activate Global Limited. Business entrepreneurs or associations or entities opt for an offshore business account either for non-profit or profit purposes. Individuals who want to secure their money and assets opt for an offshore personal bank account. Most people choose to have a USA bank account setup for non-resident as the country has an extremely stable economical growth and the laws are mostly in the favor of business owners. This is why entrepreneurs prefer to have an offshore bank account in the USA so that they can expand their business there when required.

Some features of offshore bank accounts are as follows:

  • Saving or checking accounts
  • Receive and send money orders
  • Bank drafts or wire transfer
  • Online banking facilities
  • Low tax rate

So, if you want to make your journey of USA bank account setup for non-resident a hassle-free one, then contact the most efficient remote agency named Activate Global Limited today.